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Introducing: Black

The sum of all colours, yet quintessentially minimalist. Black is classic, the height of sophistication, a symbol of effortless elegance, chic on any occasion.
Always a source of artistic inspiration, Loro Piana celebrates the introduction of black to its women’s collection, interpreted by talented creatives such as Fanny Sage, Hania Rani, and Lulama Wolf.


Clean lines and dynamism. Fanny Sage is a dancer, choreographer, and performer.
Black as a place of mental focus: ‘It is creativity, space, and freedom.’

Prints, pleats, and draping bring movement to a colour that embodies solidity

Feel the physical freedom of a hue with endless possibilities


An interplay of abstraction and the human touch. Lulama Wolf is a visual artist.
Black as a sculptural point of view: ‘It is more than a pigment, more than a colour.’

Soft silhouettes and architectural proportions create dialogue between weightlessness and depth

Eternal black transforms straight lines and impeccable grids into sinuous brushstrokes


Patterns and keys. Hania Rani is a pianist, musician, and composer.
Black as a shaping force in music: ‘It is confidence, curiosity, and beginning.’


Ebony and ivory, from the keys of a piano to exquisite silk

Fine lines and elongated shapes, like rests and notes on a musical staff